Monday, November 7, 2011

Bitches Femdom

   They like to hurt men. The idea of whipping a man excites them, they get off on torturing and abusing guys for their pleasure... And men need it, ‘cause they want it. If extreme BDSM is your cup of tea, bitches femdom will be a paradise of your sadistic thoughts and dreams;)  

Sexy bitches adore to teach men to acknowledge that they are worms, and accept the absolute truth of female supremacy. Men become desperate slut boys for the pleasure of women — their cocks, balls, asses and mouths available for tortures, strap-on fucking, and oral servitude. Men do not cum without permission. He cums when She says he cums, whether he likes it or not!   Bound or immobilized, slave men are tortured and controlled by horny sluts who enjoy their bitches femdom greatly. Those bitches make every man helpless,and all he could do is to endure the torment of their sadistic minds. They love to torture cocks, balls, asses, and nipples, and listen to painful screams of their slaves. Perverted dreams of dirty and beautiful goddesses are so exciting. The cruelest mistresses hide their lustful thoughts under innocent white nylon and use all kinds oftechniques to come true its. Their obedient male slaves are ready to fulfill all the fads and suffer humiliation.

Sexy and strict dominas love to humiliate their male slaves and make them moaning from sharp pain and discomfort. For the amusement of horny bitches, men are subjected to cock and ball torture, cuckolding, chastity, ruined orgasms, denied orgasm and orgasm control, trampling, tight bondage, over-the-knee spanking, smothering, ball-busting, corporal punishment, and face sitting. Men are fucked deep and hard by big strap-on cocks. They are subjected to small penis humiliation, clothed-female-naked-male (CFNM) humiliation, and the ultimate humiliation of becoming a panty-boy, pony boy or dog boy. Bitches femdom is so tough and cruel that men always respond with unquestioning obedience.

Men want to worship the female by tending to her physical and sexual needs (body worship) and men want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives.

The thing women must keep in mind about bitches femdom is that men need it. It is almost always the man who will introduce the female domination lifestyle to the woman. A courageous man with submissive desires introduces female domination to his female partner. Why do men do this? It's because men desire and need to be in submission to women. No matter how hard society or religion tries to tell men differently, something deep inside of them yearns to surrender to a powerful woman. These desires grow stronger with age and men will spend countless hours dreaming and fantasizing about bitches femdom. They will pursue these desires and struggle with these desires trying to come to terms with them but sadly they will not come to terms with them until they truly have a relationship with a woman that can explore these desires with him in a loving manner.

The other side of this dynamic is that women who embrace the dominant role and who allow their dominant nature to come out, end up absolutely loving this lifestyle. It never ceases to amaze me how many women who once were real hesitant about being dominant, end up loving it so much that they later say that they would never go back to being in submission to a man or only having traditional sex with a man. The bitches femdom lifestyle is liberating to women and it is also liberating for men, as they now can fulfill that yearning within them. Female domination lifestyle can be a win-win relationship for both the woman and the man.

Watch the bitches femdom xxx videos and stay excited;) This action is unbelievable! The stuff is really extreme, pretty brutal and sometimes even frightening. The feeling you get watching all these poor men being gagged, tortured, beaten, slapped, caned, suspended by their breasts and fucked in every single way only a sick mind could come up with is an exhilarating experience! If you’re truly shocking, extreme BDSM is your cup of tea, then you sure as hell will love the bithes femdom;) You’ll like various bitches femdom punishments of male subs. Those insane and lewd mistresses inflicticting sharp pain using clamps, weights and clothespins, give humiliation with licking their wet twats and suspension submissive guys and spanking their crotch and ass with whips, put a gag into their mouth, give a strapon fuck and what not!

Bitches femdom can give you everything that thrills you in your porn dreams. Take a look at the video below and find out what what bitches femdom really means for you.;)  

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